To the women you continue to uplift, build, and care for others,

to those that continue to fight, break down barriers, and overcome obstacles and still be mothers,

To the single mothers, the single ladies, independent, hard working women,

To the women that are taking care of business while nurturing their men and children,

To the women that are building and running Empires on no to little sleep,

To the women that keep going, knowing there’s no time to weep,

For you are my sisters, my mothers, grandmothers, and girlfriends,

A day is not enough to express our gratitude in the end,

For you are the reason this world continues and life even evolve,

although men may feel they have the package, it’s the women who have the balls.

To the women who raised me, to the woman that made me, to my sisters that had my back,

Today is the day to stand up and say “Girl, you did that!!”

Happy International Women’s day to all of my sisters!!!! Let’s continue to shine!

Be Well,


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