Something I like to do in my spare time and that helps me with healing is writing what is in my heart. This is something that entered my mind this morning. I hope you all enjoy it:

I Refuse

I refuse to be mediocre, existing instead on living

for winning in this thing called life is my intention .

Never settling for less than,

for no man nor woman will limit my ability of what my ancestors and God intend for me.

I refuse to allow fear to over take me, break me,

for me, here, I still stand with my head held high, while the devil tries to laugh and interfere with my path,

my path is indestructible, invincible for it was developed by the most high,

so I fly and rise above all odds.

I refuse to be a pawn, be used any anyone’s agenda without being notified and justified. 

Whatever I am apart of, it must be for the greater good,

 understood  that it must have a purpose of love, honor, and positive purpose.

A purpose that encompasses excellence, perseverance and rising above.

Enough with the self-hate, hopelessness, and defeat, 

the need to cheat, lie, and disrespect our brothers and sisters to get one step ahead,

that needs to cease, desist , and get put to bed.

I refuse to accept the BS that sometimes is being shoved down our throat,

the “Here, take this note and bring it down to the pharmacy” for another drug to cope with anxiety, stress,

the side effects mess I have to deal with instead of the help that is needed to find a long term plan… man!

I refuse to allow obstacles to interfere with my dreams,

for dreams turn into ideas,

ideas turn into visions,

visions turn into existence.

For instance turning my pain into power ,

the flower of Protect Your Crown, blossomed and bloomed, 

and soon the voices of stigma will stop and self love will prevail and thrive.

We will arrive to a point where there will be no more shame in stating your truth,

for your truth will be your test that you shall always pass,

and at last you will arise to the conclusion…

I refuse


Be Well,


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