14691030_10206110270589448_1074283774471473623_nThe woes of life is not an easy fight by any means. Between bills that are due, job demands, parenting, and being a wife, it is very hard to find time for myself minimize my symptoms of anxiety and depression. Lately, times have been very trying and it has been a struggle to find things worth smiling and being/staying positive about. My emotions have been everywhere and my focus has been lacking. I have been withdrawn, being a home body, and not being interested in much of anything.

Everyday may be a struggle, but then I’m reminded that life must be lived, no matter how difficult it may be. I also had to tell myself that I must shift my way of thinking, with that, I can shift my story. I must believe and trust in the process and support my story. Support from others is great, but if you don’t believe in self and what you are capable of, how do you expect others to believe and support you?

Also, I had to get more detailed in my prayers and my positive affirmations. Adding more to what I believe, what I ask for and speak that into existence. For example instead of just saying I am strong, I am beautiful, I am worthy, I now state it like this:

I am beautiful in all aspects and my beauty shines inside and out.

I am strong enough to face challenges with grace and perseverance; my strength is my positivity.

I am worthy and I walk with confidence into any situation and embrace my greatness .

What we tell ourselves affects us internally and spiritually as we are all on this quest to find meaning in this life. Our words have power and it sets the tone of the way we live our lives. I’m learning that everyday.

I think the biggest obstacle I have been dealing with is cutting myself so slack and loving on me. I think about how I am trying to encourage others to protect their crown but I’m struggling to do that for myself. Yet, I have to tell myself that we are all human and even the people who seem the most put together have bad days and fall apart at times. Its about what you do to pick yourself up, put yourself back together, and march forward that counts. I have to continue to tell myself that it is ok to say know, to breathe, be present, unplug and do more for self. Its not a selfish move, its a necessary one. In my mind, I know I will be just fine and that I have the tips and tools to help me succeed in this thing called life, but I must put them to use.

Be Well,



“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

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