“Are you present in the moment, right here, right now? Or are you remembering what you didn’t do yesterday, thinking about what you have to do tomorrow, regretting what you did last week. If you are not here now, it means you could be missing the love, joy, peace and brand-new ideas that are here right now.” -Dr. Iyanla Vanzant

Lately, I have been feeling disconnected and not quite myself. Yes, I had a wonderful vacation with my loved ones and enjoyed myself quite a bit. Yet, as soon as I returned on a flight home, I was hit with the realities of life. I began to immediately worry about bills, work, and the chaos that is happening in our nation. Since returning home, my anxiety has been high and I have been having an on going battle with depression. I feel like I cannot concentrate, my mind is constantly racing, I’m tired mentally, physically, and extremely emotional. I just want to sleep because my body has not wanted to do much because it aches from head to toe. I have been avoiding social media, not returning phone calls and text messages right away, bottom line, is no matter how upbeat, positive, and uplifting I try to be, I STILL STRUGGLE.

It wasn’t until last night/this morning did I finally begin breaking through. I came across the quote above from miss Iyanla and repeated it to myself. As I repeated the quote back to myself, I began to cry and pray. It had struck a cord so deep and it was amazing to me that of all things that I had come across, this quote came at the exact time that I needed it. As much as I have talked about letting go of the past especially, I tend to forget that the phrase “Let it Go” includes EVERYTHING.

Often times in our lives, we tend to want to control most of what happens. Yet, we must remember, your path is already already written. Yes, it is true, what you choose along the way may alter or shape some things, but the total outcome only the most high knows. Letting go means allowing things to be without worry, fear, or regret. Letting go of the “What Ifs? Why’s? How’s?” and replacing them with, “I understand. I accept. I will. I am”. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all must still do our work to better our lives and better others, but we need to have more faith in ourselves and the most high. Faith and confidence plays a huge roll in promoting good mental health. You must have faith and believe/know that whatever negativity WILL PASS in your life. God has already chosen a path for you, yet it is up to you on how you choose to follow or get there. We must also understand that our path is our own, no one else’s. Instead of trying to control things, especially your future, do what you can TODAY. Be present, take everything in, be a light and stay positive, As you do that, know that you must keep moving forward. Life will continue to move forward with or without you. All you can do is take things one day at a time and take in all  that life has to offer.

This is something that I am trying to refocus and do. Each day is a new day and each day is getting better.  I have asked God to order my steps, keep me close, and continue to guide me. I must keep in mind that I have a lot of work and healing that I must do for self. I must keep being a vessel, I must continue to uplift and inspire not only others, but myself.

If you don’t continue to move forward, you will be stuck looking back.

Be Blessed,







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