In this crazy unpredictable world we live in, it is very easy for us to buy into fear, anger, and other negative emotions. Whether its due to something we see on TV, social media, or right in front of us, most of us tend to react based off of emotion. Regardless on what may happen in everyday life, we must do better at keeping ourselves in check. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “For every action is a reaction”,  right? Often, we react now and either ask questions later or don’t ask at all. We need to understand that it is ok, to take a pause and create your own calm within because ultimately the outcome starts with you based on your reaction. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when dealing with negative energy, thoughts, and/or situations:

Take A Pause: Try to think things through, take in all facts and considerations before providing a response and/or action. Remember, if you respond to negativity with negativity, you are manifesting that negativity and not really resolving the problem. Take a breathe, think, then if you must formulate a response.

If It Does Not Serve You and Your Spirit, Let It Go: Often, we allow the little things to get to us, not understanding what that does to our spirit and mental well being. If it is not making you or breaking you, what is the point of taking it on or thinking about it? There is no purpose in holding on or responding to something that does not serve you.

Get Out Of Your Feelings- Sometimes, we tend to get emotional over things that have nothing to do with us or we take things personal and as a result, we react or respond. When this happens, we need to stop a reflect on why we may be feeling some type of way. Figure out what and why certain things are triggers for you. When you can narrow down where the emotion(s) are coming from, its easier for you to keep yourself in check.

You Are In Control of only You- You cannot control what others do but you can control how and what you respond to. You set the stage and the tone of some situations. You control what you walk away from and what you respond to. You have to understand that everything does not have to be justified or dignified with a response.

Lastly, when it comes to things that are happening in our world and our communities, understand that you have an influence on that as well. We can sit and complain about things that are or that are not happening or get out there and do your part. Do some community service, help others that are in need, support local businesses, artist, and events. Be the best that you can be. Remember, it starts with you.


Be Well,





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