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4 months ago, I started my journey in healing by telling on how mental illness has affected my life and the importance of self-care/mental health awareness in communities, especially communities of color. At first I was afraid to be transparent and let others know what I had gone through and there were many in my life that never knew. Yet, I was determined to make sure that others had a safe outlet that included resources, personal stories, and events where were people can come together and speak of healing, knowledge, and growth. Protect Your Crown: An Insight Into Mental Illness has blossomed from a simple idea of blogging to a wonderful movement. I am truly humbled and grateful for all that have encouraged me, inspired me, collaborated with me, believed in me and my vision. 2016 was just the beginning and I am so looking forward to what the next year holds. We will continue to heal, we will continue to uplift, we will the conversation so we no longer have to struggle and suffer in silence. Be Well, Be Blessed.

Love and Light,


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