wp-1479745298562.jpgWow, we are almost at the end of 2016 and what a year it has been. You see, normally you have some positive highlights and a few lows throughout the year. Yet, this year was a doozy for many of us. I don’t remember a year (in my lifetime at least) where there has been more lows than highs. A lot of loved ones and public figures that have shaped our society, music, pop culture, and our lives are no longer with us. Relationships have been diminished and tarnished between people, especially between communities of color and law enforcement. Social media seems to have taken the place of people interacting and has put a bit of a ripple into how we communicate and live our lives. And of course, we mustn’t leave out the election that has altered the history of the country. From what I have seen this year, there are more and more people who are stressed, depressed and worried about what this year has shown and fear of what is to come.

With all of the obstacles that has been put in our path as individuals and as people, there is one thing we must never forget, to trust in the plan and have faith. Now, I know its easier said then done, for there have been times where things have happened in my life that I thought this is just too much to bare. Yet, I had to keep in mind that you cannot change what has been done and time is always going to move forward whether you like it or not. Understand that you have two realms, your circle of influence and your circle of control. Influence what you can and allow it to be, because your circle of control is as small as the size of a pea. All the good and not so good things, is and have shaped you into the person that you are today. If you take in, learn, and grow from the things that do happen, it can help shape you into the person you long to be.

Yesterday, I took the time to reflect on a few things and hopefully this will encourage others to do the same.

  • Carry your own burden. You are not responsible for grown behind people
  • Cherish, nurture, and grow healthy relationships. You have to be able to step outside your bubble and be there for others. Empathy goes a long way
  • Social media is not your life. If you are spending majority of your life with your phone in your face, you are not living. Get off the phone, FB live, Instagram, and Twitter and live in the damn moment. I’m sure your brain and phone battery will thank you.
  • Always be the light in darkness-In these times, it’s important that we always try to lift each other up and do what we can to make each other better. Even if you can touch one person, you are doing your part.
  • Find Beauty in everything that you see and/or do. Sometimes its the simple things that can bring much joy and happiness.

As we move towards the new year, my hope is that people find clarity and peace, especially within themselves. This is something that I am striving to do everyday.


Be Well,




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