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Protect Your Crown held its first event in getting the conversation started about the importance of taking care of our mental health and mental well being but from a male perspective at the H. White Men’s Room Barbershop in Minneapolis this past Sunday. Many men from around the Twin Cities from all walks of life, came together to be a part of this much needed conversation. Hosted by Comedian/Yoga Guru Bruce Leroy Williams, opened up the discussion with the definition of mental health and the importance of understanding of how to stay mentally fit. Bruce touched on topics should as the myth of someone being “crazy” or “touched” and helping others understand that there as many different mental illnesses and disorders that have many different symptoms and effect people in different ways.

As the discussion continued, it led into of the myth of man, specifically men of color. Crown Lens Media Group Co-creator/Photographer Aaron Price, discussed how many people in today’s society rely on men to be strong and be the caretakers and for many men, they do not discuss their emotions, thoughts or feelings because it may be view as a weakness. Yet, another young man stated that men communicate in different ways. One of the examples that he gave was that in woman relationships, woman do not have a problem with venting and speaking about their experiences, emotions, and feelings with others and are very vocal about it. With men, however, when they are willing to share, its usually face to face and when they feel the most comfortable and in their own time. Most need time to think instead of discussing things right then and there.

The most powerful moment of the discussion is when the men spoke about stepping into your purpose and being accountable for the actions that you choose to take. With many young men being apart of the discussion, it was wonderful seeing the elders pass along knowledge to the next generation for they all have been in their shoes. Understanding that many go through life, have setback, but its about what you do to move forward, how you inspire others in the process. A lot of people fall through the cracks, but its about what you do to push through. Its also about knowing when to ask for help and understanding that its ok to not be ok. Another individual talked about knowing your triggers and knowing/understanding what could take you to an dark place. By knowing what your triggers are, it may be easier for you to recognize and avoid certain situations and scenarios that may not be good for you mentally. Social media was a topic that was touched on as well and how people may use that as a mask of who they are and is also used as a way to bully. Aaron Price mentioned that although social media is a great resource for many things, it should not be a huge part of your life. In younger generation, social media seems to be a means of escape from reality. Yet, we much understand that life cannot be lived through technology and it is what you are doing for yourself and others that is going to make the most impacted. “You are the Future!” Price stated.

I know that this discussion is just start of many and there will be many more to come. We are honored and thankful  for those that were a part of this event and there will be more pictures and videos coming very soon!!


Special Thanks to: Aaron Price-CLMG, Eliana Reyes-CLMG, Bianca Rhodes-CLMG, Houston White-HWMR, Bruce Leroy Williams, and Mike Jones Jr.-MJ Catering

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