In the aftermath of our presidential election for 2017, I know there is a lot of emotion and a lot of tension that is sky rocketing around our country. Some are in shock and disbelief, some are confused. Others are happy, and some are indifferent. Regardless of the feeling, we need to keep our heads. Worrying, stressing out, being angry does nothing for the body, soul, and especially mind. Its not to say we should not have those feelings but you can not allow it to consume your mind and your energy.  Today would be the day to disconnect and focus on the importance of life. As much as we may think it does, the world is not made nor changed in a day. Take time for yourselves, nourish your bodies, focus on love.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do understand that this election and what it stood for has brought out the worse in people. People who I thought looked at me as a good human being now look at me differently, they look at my color first. People who I thought treated others equally regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, and/or religion, don’t. We have to call a thing a thing, we are a divided country. I know it has been that way for quite sometime, however, before it poked it’s head out and went back into hiding. Now, the divide is very visible, for all to see. I have never witness an election where people burned historic churches, vandalized property, showed violence towards their fellow man due to the support of presidential candidate, now president -elect. It’s not about Democrat, it’s not about Republican, it’s about being a decent person and having morals and values. It’s about wanting to secure the future for the children in this country so they don’t have to deal with the nonsense that has happened in the past. It’s about holding each other accountable, yet supporting each other and lifting each other up. It’s about representing our country with class and dignity and knowing that ONE person can not do it alone. It seems that the motto we stood for during 9/11 “United we stand, divided we fall” has gone out the window, and others countries are sitting and laughing about us.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I pray that ALL people can live in a time and place where they feel secure, feel love and understanding for one another. We all don’t have to get along, but we do have to look at the bigger picture and work towards the greater good. Out of all of the countries, America is one of the greatest countries in the world. Land of opportunity, change, and hopes for a better life. We the people made it that way, not a president, congress, or any other entity of the government.  In order for that to continue moving forward, even in the unknown which may cause us to be fearful, we really need to think about the future are leaving for our kids long after this election, long after the president inauguration, and long after we’re gone. Talk to each other, talk with your kids, have a real conversation even if parties don’t agree. Do your part in your community, support group or develop groups that focus on making better solutions. We MUST get it together, TOGETHER!

Be Well,


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