First off, let me start off by saying what an amazing young woman you are blossoming into though you may not be told enough or shown enough so it is hard for you to believe. You have had some hardships, you have been talked about and sometimes treated very unkind.

I’m not going to lie to you, what you will realize is as you get older, the world will continue to get crazy and people will continue to be unkind but you have to be strong and live your life to the fullest. You have the potential to change things and people. It will not be easy, you will go through heartbreak, you will lose loved ones,  you will have your good days and bad, even days were you want to disappear.  Yet, when you have your bad days, do not allow it to dull your light, keep going, keep fighting. Your mind will play tricks on you, you will have people in your life that you feel will not understand you or your struggles and that is ok. Some things people are not meant to understand, but as long as you understand your struggles are temporary, you will get back up and continue to do your work for your life. There will be help along the way but it will be up to you to seek it out. There is so much in store for your life and all though there will be times you feel as you don’t have what you want, you will always have what you need and it will always be on time.

With you becoming an adult, there are a few tools I need to share with you to put into your toolbox of life:

First, keep God close and put him first. There will be times where your faith will be tested, you will question your life and Gods plan that he has for it. Yet, you must trust in the process, you must have faith that things happen the way that they are suppose to. It is already written and you have no control. Stay near the cross.

Second, always love yourself. There are going to be people that come into your life that will genuinely love you and there will be people that will come into your life that will hurt you to the core. By you loving yourself, it will be easier to know the difference. You will not allow nonsense in your life and you will set a standard for anyone who wants to become a part of it.  No one can love you the way that you do, period. You are good enough and no one can replace you.

Third, be aware of your actions, you are going to make some good decision and some times very bad ones. Understand and know that when a bad decision is made, own it, learn from it and move on so you do not create a pattern of making the same types of mistakes. If you do not, you will have a hard time with getting through life mind, body, and spirit. Grow through what you go through.

Fourth, no one owes you anything so forgive and move on. You are going to encounter people that are going to make promises over and over again. Yet, the reality is that sometimes promises are meant to be broken. A part of that is the fact that you have no control over the situation and what others do or don’t do. You have to do the work for yourself in order to have a say in your destiny. Forgiveness takes time but its something you must do. To hold on to negative feelings, thoughts and energy, you are creating a negative life for yourself. You sitting there bitter, angry, and sad while the person you are upset with is living their life without a care in the world. Even if you don’t get the chance to tell that person all is forgive, it is the action of the heart that counts. You don’t need to forgive for their sake but you do for yours.

Lastly, take your place in the world. Don’t be afraid to step out on faith and become a doer. Nothing wrong with dreamers but doers get things done and accomplishes those dreams. Make sure that what ever you do, it has a positive purpose and impact behind it. Your legacy will be beautiful and will be passed on to your children and your children’s children. What you do effects those around you and even if you can change one person’s life in what you chose to do and what you stand for, that is amazing.

I hope that these words will inspire you and help you continue to be great. It is your life, you only get one, live it wisely.

Love you more than anyone else will,




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