I have the opportunity and honor to have my friend and collaborator Aaron Price back on protect your crown for a third time. I thank you for you transparency and openness about things that may be difficult to talk about. I support you my friend.

Save Yourself

Ever since I could remember, I’ve had extreme anxiety. I care too much about those I love, my family, my friends, but never put myself first. Anxiety causes an unhealthy increase in worrisome emotions, in which nothing seems to be going correctly. I always believe nothing is going correctly. The most toxic thoughts run through my mind every day, but yet I fight to dispel those mental barriers, like my life depends on it because it does. As I write this passage, I feel the massive amount of tears falling from my face because my anxiety has taken hold of me. It does not want me to express my feelings due to the expectations that this will not meet anyone’s expectations for what is deemed a good read. At this point, I do not care anymore.

Listen, I work for the Federal Government for my day job, I’m also co-founder of Crown Lens Media Group, co-founder of Sickzdozen Multimedia, an access producer for SPNN, executive producer/writer of the show, “Candy Fresh”, the same for the podcast/TV show, as well as, co-host of “Crowned Sound”, an independent videographer/photographer, videographer/photographer/model for Zubaz United, and a college student. I do not know what a “day-off” means. I work hard every single day as if someone is working hard to take it all away from me. Yet I have this mental disease called “Anxiety” and I have heart disease. You wonder why some consider me laid back, because I have to, my life depends on it. Anger, being overly emotional, stress, depression, and sadness literally kills me in more than one way.

You ask yourselves, why? Why put all of this on your plate if you know that it’s killing you both physically, mentally, and emotionally? I do this because I love unconditionally. I love all of my people whether you know me or not. We all deserve to be loved by someone. One of the problems with our community, let alone the world is we take love for granted. We feel more comfortable hating one another than expressing love, knowing love will set you free. I love without bounds, my mother taught me that.

I’m humble because I know what it means to build from ashes. I know what it feels like to have everyone against you because they do not know you. I know what it feels like to always be the “underdog”. I have had family and friends disrespect me, and some still do because of jealousy; envy, but I do not understand why. I do not throw anything I’ve ever done in anyone’s face, yet I welcome you to join me. I welcome you to collaborate with me for the greater good of people; of life. Once again, my life depends on it.

I was born and raised in North Minneapolis; I’ve seen a lot since 1983. I know what destruction looks like, but I also know what unity looks like, what love looks like. Hate me or love me, I live for my people of all races, creeds, religions, beliefs, genders, preferences, as long as it’s in the name of LOVE. I work hard for you all because you deserve someone who works tirelessly for you, who loves you unconditionally, who trusts in the process that we will all unite in power to create the next generation of great innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, etc.. You do not have to follow me, but merely understanding is all I ask for.

Look in the mirror, realize your power, and realize your strength, JUST REALIZE THAT YOU HAVE WORTH THAT EXCEEDS ALL THE RICHES IN THIS WORLD. I may not live long enough to see you all succeed, but just know that I love you and that you deserve all the blessings coming to you. I chose my destiny and my path is clearer than ever. My life belongs to the world, belongs to the Twin Cities, and belongs to Minneapolis, to my family, to my loved ones, to my GOD. I’m merely a vessel to open your eyes to the power, strength, magic, intelligence, love, respect that you all possess. I do not need you to save me, save yourselves because your WORTH it.


Aaron Price-CLMG, Writer, Photographer, Videographer





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