Imagine, you have a house full of items and trinkets that you have collected over the years and over that period of time, the items began collecting dust, has been misplaced, or has been broken. So instead of cleaning, dusting, getting rid of or fixing those items and up keeping the place where it dwells, you just go out and buy new items. Now you have so much “stuff” in your space where eventually you can no longer focus, sleep in or move around in that space. Your frustration begins to build, you begin blaming others for the clutter you built over the years. That is what happens when you continue to hold on to things or “trinkets” in your life that no longer serves a purpose especially your past.

Often times, we allow the past to mold our here and now which can shape our future. We allow our baggage of hurt, pain, anger, and sadness to stay with us and bring it into newly found relationships with others. Because we have dragged that baggage with us, we can sometimes block our blessing and even sabotage relationships that we were hoping to build. Once that happens, one can find themselves right were they started, wallowing in their baggage of all the negative that has been carried around for so long or we pass that baggage to someone else which it is usually our children. We must break that cycle for our minds and spirits depends on it.

I will be the first one to tell you that was a huge and difficult problem to overcome. Some times there are things in our past that we would like answers to or apologies for but one must understand, that simply may never happen and it is ok. Healing comes with time as well as forgiveness, yet, you much decide what YOU want to do about it and take action. Are you going to stay with and keep you baggage or are you trying to move forward? Yes, there are certain things we have no control over, however, if you decide that you will not remain in the state that you are in, speak it to existence and stick to it, pray over it and leave it there. Also during that time, find joy in the little things, smile and smile often. More importantly, do things to support your positive way of thinking, do things to support your mind, body and spirit. Remind yourself that the only way to move is forward is to not look backwards. The thankful for what you have gone through, have no regrets about it, because in the end, it made you the LIGHT you are today.  You can do it!!!


Be Blessed,


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