What is this thing called “Life”?

Some believe you’re born, you grow old and then you die when answering that question. When I think of life, I think of it as a story with multiple plots. It has many twist and turns with many characters and a lot of adventures. When it comes to death, I don’t think of the end of your story, I look as it as the beginning of a new chapter.

Death can definitely effect a person’s mental health, the loss of a loved one is life’s most stressful event and can cause a major emotional crisis. Its totally understandable, ok, and necessary to go through the grieving process for grieving is the outward expression of your loss. In the process you must take care of yourself and accept that life is for the living. As humans, we look so much at a persons life when they pass away or how they died verses how they lived. We highlight the fact that they’re no longer with us physically. We need to understand that a person is never gone, they have just transcended. They have been called to do work or healing else where. Their spirit lives in legacies, the live in nature, they live in hearts and other spirits.

When it comes to life, its about how you lived it, who you affected in the process, and impact you left on the world. There is no correct way of living your life for life is unpredictable, amazing, and scary at the same time. Yet, at the end of your life chapter, can you look back and say “I am fulfilled”. No matter how difficult it may get, no matter what may comes your way, you have to create a master plan on how to get through it. It may work but most of the time you have to adjust and deal with things as they come. Don’t get me wrong , it may be difficult to get through life, but while you have one, you must try your best to live the best life you can with no regret.



Be well,


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