Life is what you make it, even though there are hills and valleys that we must get through. Along the roads traveled through those hills and valleys, we meet people along the way, some with good intentions and some not so much. Yet, its those that we encounter that make an impact by touching your heart that make the most difference. I have encountered some not so nice people throughout my life. Those people that have abandoned me, who have hurt me intentionally, those that have made me feel less than worthy. Although I have gotten over that pain and it is a pain I never want to feel again, I will never forget how it feels nor would I want to. Reason being is because it made an impact on my life in some form or another. It has make me stronger and a whole lot wiser to not to happen again. Yet, it also made me want to do more for others. I am a firm believer that what you put out, you get back 10 fold.

In Dr. Maya Angelo’s message above, she states that “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”, which holds true for many of us. Yet, some focus on the negative feelings that are felt versus the positive feelings. I use to be one of those people. For the more I did, the more miserable I became, the more toxic I became to other people. It hurt my friendships, it had a negative effect on my son, it ruined my marriage, most of all, it triggered my anxiety attacks more often and my depression was in full throttle.

As most have read (or those that know me, seen), I had to do a lot to come out of I was going through because I felt as if I was dying from the inside out.  My biggest healing factor was giving back, doing more for others and finding ways to uplift my communities (I reside in one but belong to many). The more I began to do that, the more fulfilled I felt. My life had meaning because I began focusing on those that have effected my life in a positive way and made me feel I could do whatever I set my mind to. People like my Mother, my grandfather, my Aunt, my best friend,  and my husband to name a few. The more I focused on that, the more I wanted to do for others and the positive people and energy began in grow. I was putting out more positivity because others were putting positivity into me.

I look at my life a lot differently now and hope to continue. I am thankful for those that never gave up giving me the support, time, and effort that was needed. I’m also grateful to those that have had an influence and made me feel what I do matters, what I stand for, matters. I hope I have impacted at least one person in a positive way and made them feel in a positive way, for I will not stop doing for others and as a result doing for me. My story is not yet over.


Be Well,






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