It was difficult for me to find a topic to write about today, for everything that is happening in the world has dimmed the light on life and positive living. With all of the craziness that is going on in the world, I have learned to unplug. Unplug from negativity, unplug from chaos, unplug from anything that could have a negative effect on my spirit and thinking. What I feel is that when people allow that negativity such as hate, bitterness, fear, and anger into their spirit, their is a negative reaction or response that tends to come along which is projected into the world. It also takes its toll on your spirit and mental health big time.

I have found comfort in mediating and having a real conversation with myself and God without speaking. The biggest thing that I try to do is release all the negativity that I may have taken in from people, thoughts, work, and media. I try to focus on the wonderful things in my life that I have and that I have fought so hard for versus reliving what once was or could have been. I am grateful for the things that God has given me when I needed them most and not the things that I thought I wanted. For as Kirk Franklin says “He supplies your need, not your greed”. I would be lying if I say that it works every time, but by doing this, I am a much better person for it, to myself and others. For I refused to go backwards in my healing and I refuse to allow chaos to define my destiny.


Be Well,



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