As I get older, I realize more and more about myself. I am very strong headed and although I have a fun, outgoing personality, I can be very intense at times. My emotions can go from 1 to 10 in a matter of minutes, especially if it involves my family and my life. Yet, what I am constantly learning is that not every action deserves a reaction especially if it going to possibly make matters worst. I am learning that by being reactive and highly emotional about things can effect your mind as well as your body. For me, I would get headaches, my voice would begin to raise, I would become frustrated, angry, and my blood pressure would begin to rise. Or if it was something that was hurtful or discouraging, I would cry excessively, be more critical of myself and/or my actions and fall into a deep despair, causing panic attacks. It wasn’t until I went through a major change/obstacle in my life that I needed to get a handle on my emotions because I was beginning lash out at who ever was in my path because of it. So, I started writing, especially music. Writing for me was a way to release that emotion in a healthy way without acting. I would sing, sometimes scream it out and let it go. The more I wrote, the more my creativity came alive, the better I felt. The other thing that I began doing was going to the gym and working with a personal trainer. By doing that I was able to get a lot of aggression out while taking better care of my body.

When in thought about my emotions, I realize that what people do is their choice, you have no control over others actions nor words. You must choose your battles and choose them wisely. You must ask yourself “Is it worth it?”. I think sometimes we do not realize that when we allow certain thoughts, actions, and words to effect us, it effects our energy, our frame of mind, and our health. By allowing that negative energy to affect us, you project that negativity into the universe. Think about it, when something bothers you at home or in your personal life and you go to work, how productive are you? How are you to others? How do you feel while your at work? I guarantee at least one person will noticed that something is off and you get that question “Are you  ok?” Your energy shines throughout your body. When you feel good and your energy is good, you do well.

Another thing that tends to happen to a lot of us is when we reacted based off of emotion, we do things that we later regret. In this day and age, I cannot tell you how many times I have seen many people go on a rant on social media about someone or something and after most people have seen it, try to delete it or repent yet the damage is already done. People should keep in mind although something’s can be deleted, the way you affect people may last and if it hurts a friendship, relationship, or others that are close, those partnerships my be difficult to mend. And lets be honest, nothing is every really deleted in the world of internet, smart/apple phones, and social media.

My tip is to find a way to keep yourself in check. It will not be easy, trust and believe, it is very difficult, but you have to start somewhere. You mind and body will thank you.


Be Well,


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