In my 35 years, one thing that I’ve learned is that life can be difficult but can be even more difficult based on choices that are made. Some things we have no control over and things are the way that they are, yet things in life are placed in our lives for a reason and some choices that you make can effect your life’s path as well as others. When making choices, it is up to us to determine whether things, situations and/or people are placed there to stay or a lesson. The most difficult part, especially trying to maintain or wellbeing mentally, is when the best choice is not chosen. Grief, heartbreak, anger and fear tend to become apart of the process which can sometimes lead to anxiety, seclusion, and depression. What I have learned along the way as you cannot give up on you or the process of life, no matter how difficult it may get. Its ok to make mistakes, its ok to allow your heart to break and be vulnerable. As long as at the end of it all, you know what was done, accept it, learn from it and always move forward and not look backwards. Grow through what you go through is something that I am trying everyday to live by. The poem below says it all.

Be Well,



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