Bianca’s Story…Writing in a journal has helped me immensely. Dealing with Epilepsy for 15 years was very difficult. The side effects from my medication was depression and sometimes severe migraines. Writing helped me empty my mind. I never wrote anything specific, just anything that was on my mind, bothering me. It helps with my sleep and calms me if I am emotional. Breathing techniques and meditation helps me start my day, I take 5 minutes before I go out into the world, clear my head, breathe, then start my day. Steal those minutes, it is so worth it. It isn’t easy, oh I know, but think about it. 5 minutes a day could make sure you aren’t suffering for 5 hours, or 5 days if you are having very tough moment. Find what works for you, there is help, there is hope and you deserve a great life! Keep growing and keep learning. #ProtectYourCrown #MakeItOk

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