Good Afternoon Everyone!

When it comes to your well being, do you have a STABLE support system? Do you have people or resources that you know without a shadow of a doubt if you seek them out, you’ll have a positive outlook and attitude? Does that support system encourage you, motivate you? Are they your cheerleader? Do they help you stand no matter how hard you fall? Do they help you become a better you?

These questions are something that I found myself asking as I go through life. I have found that having a reliable, stable support system helps you, mind, body, and spirit and they last a lifetime. That support system grows with you, no matter how your life may changes. That positive energy that you receive from your support system effects anything that you are a part of.

When it comes to Mental Health, having a good support system and engaging with trustworthy people are key elements to successfully talking about your own mental health.

According to, when building a support system, these are some things to keep in mind, ensure they:

  • Give good advice when you want and ask for it; assists you in taking action that will help
  • Likes, respects, and trusts you and who you like, respect, and trust, too
  • Allows you the space to change, grow, make decisions, and even make mistakes
  • Listens to you and shares with you, both the good and bad times
  • Respects your need for confidentiality so you can tell him or her anything
  • Lets you freely express your feelings and emotions without judging, teasing, or criticizing
  • Works with you to figure out what to do the next time a difficult situation comes up
  • Has your best interest in mind

I would like to thank my wonderful support system (some seen below, ALOT not pictured) who continues to help me to become a better mother, daughter, wife, friend, sister, blogger, innovator, and person. Love you all and I thank you 🙂

2016-08-25 12.09.32



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