Our History

In 2016, Essence began an organization entitled “Protect Your Crown: An Insight
into Mental Health” which is dedicated to promoting positive mental health and
ending the stigma of mental illness/ disorder, especially in communities of color.
They specialize in putting together discussions, forums, wellness fairs, as well as
workshops about topics that focus on positive mental well-being and how to
support anyone living with mental illness/disorder. After dealing with depression
and anxiety most of her life and losing two family members to suicide, she felt in
her heart that the real conversation about mental health needed to be had and the
people needed to get educated and end the stigma of mental illness/disorder in
communities of color.

In 2017, Protect Your Crown was recognized as one of the finalist for Minnesota
Business Magazine Most Likely to Succeed Category and was recognized at the
2017 Twin Cities Beautiful Human Award. They have also had the honor of
Speaking at the 2018 National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota Conference and has been a part of the Minnesota State Fairs Mental Health Awareness Day at the Fair for 2018 and 2019.